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The Cornwall Energy Task Force members are:

Gordon Ridgway, Selectman
Katherine Freygang, Chairperson
Debbie Bennett
Ruth Charney
Jill Cutler
Nevton Dunn
Joe Ellis
Joe Fuller
Richard Griggs
Mac Horner
Rick Wolkowitz
Barbara Wolkowitz
Nick Xatzis
Anne Zinsser

Cornwall Energy Task Force
860 672 6010





How to Set your Electric Bill for Savings

Looking to save money on your electric bill? Download these instructions and get started!

Let's Get Growing News

"Let's Get Growing”, a fun and informative gardening program sponsored by the Cornwall Energy Task Force, continues in back of the Cornwall Library. Come see our planter boxes in progress, look for gardening resources in the library, and celebrate our harvest in the Fall. The program focuses on sustainable, organic growing techniques and intensive planting with vegetables and herbs in raised beds.

This program was developed by Debbie Bennett, garden professional, owner of Kent Greenhouse and Cornwall Resident. She covers such topics as successive planting, soil and plant health, companion planting with herbs, and the healthful benefits of growing your own food while preserving a healthy and sustainable environment in her presentations.

News on the Home Heating Oil Coop
for Cornwall Homes

For the second year, the Cornwall Fuel Oil Group will be helping people in Cornwall save money on their fuel oil bills this coming winter. Last year's price was about $.50 less per gallon than the average retail price, creating hundreds of dollars of savings, also on propane.

If interested, please submit your tank size, estimated annual usage, and email address to Rick Wolkowitz, 672 6366 or hoh06@yahoo.com by the first week of August. Bid results will be announced the third week and contracts submitted by September 1, 2013. These dates may vary. Service contracts are optional.

Home Energy Audit Update

Green your home and reduce your bills in CT’s greenest town, by signing on to the The Home Energy Solution (HES) Program and joining our new Home Oil Coop (HOC) for Winter. Cornwall Energy Task Force continues its campaign to help homes tighten up for winter. We are promoting the Home Energy Solutions program, which is subsidized by your electric bill. An approved contractor will come to your home to perform a home audit by testing insulation, lighting, and other energy use factors.

Free light-bulbs, coupons for upgrades, and state incentive advice will be given. The value of this work is a $750 minimum. There is a $75 co-pay with a $50 rebate that can be donated to CETF or returned to the homeowner.

The co-pay price for oil-heated homes rose from $75 to $99 on March 1, 2013. An HES visit has been averaging a 10% annual savings or $350/ 2000 square foot home, with more savings with improvements outlined.

To Sign up with our program by calling 1 (888) 403 3500, Competitive Resources Inc. (CRI), and be sure to say you were referred by the Cornwall Energy Task Force so we get our credit.

Click here to see the Press Release from CRI. There are a few more details. You can see the CT Energy Efficiency Fund info and video by clicking the URL below:

Below is a film to promote the Home Energy Solutions Program (Audits). The obvious screen is testimonials and below is a line that you can click to see a second film of the actual process.
http://blog.greenmediaventures.com/projects08.php (testimonials)

Thank you,

Katherine Freygang